Providing tracer services for the oil and gas industry
About Us

Isotopes Canada is a privately owned and operated company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We have been working with oil and gas exploration and production companies (big and small) since 1981. We are a specialized and independent service company focused on reservoir tracing, mud labelling and corresponding laboratory services.

Isotopes Canada’s clients are focused on augmenting oil and gas exploitation strategies to be more efficient and effective producers. By applying new and progressive thinking to unlock answers, we provide the best possible results, data and answers for all of our customers

Over the last 30 years Isotopes Canada’s tracer technology has been an important and cost effective tool used to better understand hydrocarbon reservoirs. This understanding makes it possible to optimize production and achieve maximum profitability. Companies that we have worked with have enjoyed increased earnings, improved operations, increased production and reduced expenditures.

At Isotopes Canada, we have applied our interwell tracing, core tracing and laboratory service expertise to hundreds of client projects in the oil and gas industry. Customers recommend and return to Isotopes Canada because we provide custom quality service and focus on the results that our customers need.

We believe that communication and honesty are the key foundation for working with our customers. Understanding what means success for our customers means success for Isotopes Canada.