Providing tracer services for the oil and gas industry

Tracers are a smart business decision

Benefits of tracer studies are measured in numerous ways:

  • where is injection water, gas or solvent moving
  • sweep efficiency and production improved
  • infield drilling positions can be predetermined
  • reservoir anomalies identified
  • bypassed hydrocarbons located

These valuable answers add up to increased revenue and/or decreased operational costs.

Tracer Technology is an important and cost effective contribution to the better understanding of reservoirs. The technology makes it possible to optimize production and thereby achieve maximum profit. Oil companies have enjoyed considerable increased earnings from oil and gas operations following tracer programs.

Example: an oil company saves approximately $15 million because of a decision not to drill two new wells. The complete tracer study costs were about 1% of the cost of the two wells. The injection of a single tracer and the subsequent analysis concluded that converting one production well to injection made the two new wells unnecessary.

The operator obtains valuable information about the reservoir and particularly where there may be remaining oil deposits. Such information makes it easier to formulate strategies for further extraction from the reservoir.