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Isotopes Canada is a privately owned and operated independent service company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1981, we have years of experience working with oil and gas exploration and production companies. Our services include tracing, mud labelling and corresponding laboratory services. Using our exclusive IsoTECH tracers, our goal is to gather information and find answers to help our clients become more efficient and effective producers.


Our tracer technology is an important and cost-effective tool used to better understand hydrocarbon reservoirs. These insights can result in increased earnings, improved operations, increased production and reduced expenditures for our customers. We are proud of our proven safety and quality track record of delivering exceptional value to hundreds of customers for almost 40 years.


Building on our years of experience in the energy industry, we also provide reliable tracer services to a variety of industries with environmental stewardship at the forefront of our activities. We work in both North America and internationally.


Todd Dyer 036.jpg

Todd DyerMBA

President & CEO

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Joel Viccars.jpg

Joel Viccars, M.Sc, P.Chem

Laboratory Manager

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Patrick Dwyer.jpg

Patrick Dwyer, B.Sc.

Research Associate

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Travis Greenwood, P.Eng, RSO

Kim Mohler.jpg

Kim Mohler, P.Eng

Technology & Development Consultant

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Headshot indoor_MarkTaylor.jpg

Mark Taylor, B.E.

Government & Regulatory Advisor

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Laura D.jpg

Laura Dickson, MBA, CIP

Risk Management Advisor

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George McIsaac, P.Eng, PhD

Mining Advisor

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Michael De Luca, M.Sc., MBA

Environmental Advisor

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Gord McLellan.png

Gord McLellan, BSc Hons, P.Geol, MBA

Geological Advisor

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Dr. Jian-Bin Lin


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Bruce Dewar.JPG

Bruce Dewar, M.Sc. (Chem. Eng.)


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Dr Max Anikovskiy.JPG

Dr. Max Anikovskiy


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Our Team
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