Yan Gao MSc, EIT

Intern Research EIT

Yan Gao graduated from Northwestern University with a Master of Science degree in chemical engineering. Her graduate research focused on combining rheological tests and small angle x-ray scattering to analyze various behaviors of polymer solutions. During her studies, she has presented her work at the 2011 annual meeting of the Society of Rheology.

After graduation, she has worked as a R&D engineer in a research institute, focusing on the development of polyolefin elastomers (POE). For more than five years, she has been engaged in different stages of product development including lab experiment design and conduct, product characterization and process design and simulation. She has worked in a multi-disciplinary group, successfully designed a POE production process with a 1,000 ton/ year productivity. 


In her spare time, Yan enjoys cooking for her family & friends, as well as exploring the nature with her little ones.

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