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H. Bruce Freeman BSc

Process Advisor

Bruce graduated from the University of Calgary in 1972 with a BSc in science. He entered industry as a consultant for treatment of fluids and water and developed an expert skill set that led him to become a specialist in tracer technologies. He helped to pioneer Isotopes Canada alongside the tracing industry with the use of isotopes and non-isotope tracer technologies in the energy sector, particularly in production and process monitoring. Bruce comes with thirty years of experience in evaluating reservoir performance and a unique ability to interpret the complexities of reservoir flow dynamics and water flood/EOR programs. He has prepared numerous papers and written hundreds of report on subjects such as tracer performance in the energy sector, production performance, vessel and tank performance, large diameter pipeline flow dynamics, mud labeling and core invasion. Bruce has had the opportunity to work with tracer technologies around the world such as Russia, China, Kuwait and across the Americas.

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