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Research Scientist

Joel Viccars graduated with a Master of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Calgary. His graduate research focused on the synthesis of liquid crystalline chromophores for application in the next-generation photovoltaics (organic solar cells). While working as a TA for the undergraduate general and organic chemistry laboratory, Joel received a student-nominated teaching excellence award.


With over five years of experience in the service side of the petroleum industry, Joel is familiar with chemical innovations utilized in hydraulic fracturing and coiled tubing operations including friction reducers, crosslinked gels, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, clay controls and biocides. As a trained quality control professional, Joel has oil and gas industry field experience as it relates to hydraulic fracturing.


For extracurricular activities, Joel is always doing something to elevate his heart rate. If he is not running, biking or working out, he is playing hockey, working on his squash game, making his way to the mountains to snowboard, or playing with his dog.

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Joel Viccars, MSc, P.Chem

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