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Tracers help determine from point of injection to collection where water, gas or solvents are moving, communication time and what anomalies may be present. This data contributes to critical decision-making about:

  • Determining and improving sweep efficiencies 

  • Re-assessing infield drilling positions

  • Identifying by-passed hydrocarbons 

  • Assess flow direction

  • Evaluate flow out of zone


Our IsoTECH tracers provide accurate data about injection travel time, direction and influences, while defining reservoir anomalies, heterogeneity and interconnectivity.


This information can be used to better balance and optimize fluid injection, oil or gas production, define and place infield drilling programs or to identify injectors which do not support production.

Inter-well Tracing For:

  • SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage)

  • WAG (Water Alternating Gas)

  • CSS (Cyclic Steam Stimulation)

  • Polymer Flood

  • Water

  • Gas

  • Chemical

  • CO2

Complete Tracer Programs Include:

  • Tracer program design

  • Injection program

  • Sample program design

  • Sample analysis

  • Quick turnaround

Mud Labeling

Mud Labeling (Core Tracing) is used to obtain accurate determination of in-situ water levels by measuring the degree of coring fluid invasion. The drilling fluid is “doped” with tracer and its concentration is measured in the mud and core to determine the degree of flushing during coring.


Reservoir parameters such as water saturation can be accurately determined using tracers in drilling muds when coring. Water saturation data for reservoirs obtained using well logs are far less accurate. Well logs derived data are often only within 10% of actual water saturation values.


Mud Labeling:

  • Tracer injection

  • Sampling schedule

  • Sample analysis

  • Quick turnaround

Other Services:

  • Leak Testing

  • Sealed Source

  • ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density)

  • Coal Bed Methane

  • Pipeline Calibration

Laboratory Services

We provide complete analytical laboratory services for all of our inter-well and mud labeling tracer programs.

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